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No matter which smartphones, laptops or desktops you have, Downtown Digital & NetEffect Repair is trained to diagnose and repair the issues you are experiencing! Contact us to get a FREE quote today!

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Phone Screen Repair

iPhones, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, LG Nexus and more!
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Tablet Screen Repair

iPad, Samsung Tab and more!
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Laptop Screen Repair

Macbook, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo and more!
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Charging Port Repair

Laptop, Cell Phone, GPS, Tablet has charging issues?
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Board Level Soldering

Need to have something soldered but can’t or don’t want to spend money on tools for a one time job?
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Liquid Damage Repair

Not powering on? The device is malfunctioning now?
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Computer Cleanup

Dust? Overheating? Viruses?
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Hardware Upgrade

Computer running too slow? Need to upgrade your components inside?

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Business Solution

Save time and money by automating your business! Technology these days!
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We provide a minimum of 1 year warranty on all of our repairs and have a LIFE TIME warranty on all iPhone screen repairs.
Our repairs will guarantee the quality and stand by on our skills in repairing electronic devices!

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“I just had my Samsung S4 repaired today (charging port was corroded from moisture) and the service was wonderful! The price was great and it only took 25 minutes. Would definitely recommend anyone with a broken phone to go here!”Se Ward
“Cracked iPhone screen which caused my touch screen to stop working. Found NetEffect Repair ad on Kijiji. Contacted a couple other ads/people who fix phones at home, however they did not reply for days or had to wait days for parts to come in and they all were more expensive than NetEffect Repair. Jason replied to my message immediately saying to drop in during his work hours. When I dropped in- he fixed the phone in only 15 minutes. I am very pleased with the service I received. I recommend his service to anyone- I don’t know what anyone would waste their money paying for apple care or taking their iPhone to Apple to fix it as they do the same service but Jason is half the price. Thanks Jason!”Lisa A
“I am one of those people who always has their phones at hand, so when I dropped my iphone and shattered the screen, I was desperate to get it fixed asap! I texted NetEffect after-hours and was told I could come by the next morning. Dropped my phone off, grabbed a coffee, and picked it up 15 minutes later, just like new! Thanks so much!!!” Nathalie Blatch
Input your quotation here. Also, you can cite your quotes if you would like.”Really good place!!! Recommend to everybody. Fast, good quality and satisfactory results. For 80$ I have my phone screen work very we. In comparison to other places where repair cost more then 100$ this place price the best”Kostya Volotka

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Come on by at anytime between our business hours and we will be more than happy to assist you!


174 Horseshoe Lake Drive, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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4 Gaston Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
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